Someday, I'll tell this story to my children before they sleep soundly.

(in one breath)

There is a blue sky above the million ordinary creatures with a head and two legs who dream to own tiny thing called globe and wish to be the only one winner but nothing happened then decide rashly to join the dark side with funny toys called wars and pray to die in a happiest way because of the evils mindset that teach shit about sharing is an ugly thing so just believe in one god called egoism and use the name of peace to earn heaven alone and kindly give hell freely without asking the owner first then throw fucking endlessly smiles to gather the minions and build the greatest castle in the dumbest kingdom so the world can materialize the imaginary of sitting comfortly in a gold king's chair and use a beautiful crown that made from the purest blood and tears of the innocents to boost pride in the glamorous night of lies that shine bright as the diamond dance floor where many royal parties start then dictate the time to freeze forever so the sun never rise in the morning of tomorrow's hope.

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