Requiem of Yesterday

in between life, in between dream
tick-tock of clock could not help it
for ensure the happiness nor prevent the darkness

same pattern, repeated
always everywhere in everyone
forworn was forbidden, even no one did not
realize how the whirligig works

till years has been passing by
over the innocent child in the adventure
who got trapped in a cheesy-cruel script
all faces then all stories,
embracing sadness to wildness
kill or be killed, never a chance for escape
but forever ceaselessly pain

if hopes could restore the magical time,
wounds would be an old gold one
but there was only tomorrow left,
and only God could do the good rest

no mercy to fiend friends
nor sweet words which too real to be unreal

“everything will not be okay”

unless this world was a carnival of fantasy
with an ecstasy of consciously

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