The Weirdest Girl In The World

she is beautiful
but wants to be ugly

she likes to be a dumb
when she knows how to be a genius

she doesn’t always greet everyone
nor says happy birthday to people she loves

she never smiles
even she has a lot of reasons

she acts like a loner among her thousand allies

she actually falls in love everyday
but keeps it in a cold and distant frames

she sings well in the moment of solitude
then cries in a crowd

she has the ability to compose rhyme that
promotes people to judge her easily

she once was the happiest angel,
yet wants the others to have it as much as she has

she gives it all and doesn’t want to look good

she chooses what nobody chooses

perhaps she is just too kind nor naive,
so afraid to be a monster that eats anything

and we don’t know the truth,
only that she is weird

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